Push Hands

Such a strong interest, like from a group mind, came out for Push Hands during two robust Tai Chi classes this week.  And then my 26 years veteran student who also helps me teach at times, he mentioned it!

Today I wrote a description for a possible class:  The next step after learning the Beginning and Continuing Tai Chi Form, Push Hands is said by the highest masters to deepen your relaxation, flexibility and strength to their greatest capacities.  An enjoyable two-person exchange, it is based on becoming able to successfully receive pushes without having to oppose and successfully give pushes without having to force. Not only is it famous for gracefully defusing a fight; its defusing resource psychologically can profoundly liberate relationships and their conversations.

Suggested prerequisites are Beginning and Continuing, yet anyone highly interested may contact me for permission.  It would have the same tuition rate, $15 an hour, as many of my other classes or, if it becomes part of Renton and Olympia’s system, would carry their lower rates.

How do you feel about such a prospect?  To me, it makes Tai Chi (as the Form) far inferior in fun, in challenges, and in benefits by comparison, after so many years with Push Hands in both teaching and practicing it.  With responses, we could organize a class.  Organizing is one of my strong qualities.

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