The Connection of Tai Chi and Yoga

Some people would say they are alien, for Yoga originated in India, Tai Chi in China. Two countries who, though they touch each other border to border, have such different ways of thought and feeling it is like planet from planet.  Get into the depths of Chinese thought and your Indian mind will reel in dessert misses.  Walk through travels of Indian metaphysics and your Chinese hieroglyphic-like world will shudder with strangeness.  Talking to a traditional Indian with Tai Chi ideas is cattywampus, but no more cattywampus than trying to converse in Yoga’s realms with a traditional Chinese personality.

I ardently love and treasure them both and even more, feel this Tai Chi, Yoga couple are the earthly marriage of our whole arts planetary destiny which, if I can handle it, want to nourish you with those floods of richness.  Not something to manage in one blog posting, ho!

Here is a provocative beginning.  To me, Tai Chi is flow in a root of stillness.  Yoga is stillness in a flame of flow.  Intimately related.  Good to brood on and practice on in each until the next post.

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