New Tai Chi Course

Starting Tuesday April 24th at 10 a.m. a Beginning  Beginning Course will move into action, and the where of it is wonderful.  A local paradise called Black Diamond Gardens, it’s grand enough for us to be inside in rough weather and among luscious flowers, lawn and trees when invited out by the sun. The ten weeks of one hour sessions will finish on June 26th–just before the really hot stuff begins after our national birthday, the 4th of July.

I call it Beginning Beginning because nobody will find it difficult to start with us.  With ease and gradualness the solid themes, yet with the famous benefits intimately available:  best for balance, relieves pain, boosts energy, improves sleep, melts depression, improves mentality, strengthens legs, lowers blood pressure, and it simply is a companion of happiness.  Some newer studies have even taken it into major therapeutic benefit for heart disease and dementia.

Because of the mid-morning weekday hour I thought the responses might be dominated by seniors, who I’m eager to teach with others especially for its balance skill resources.  But the first three who contacted me are youngish so it’ll have all the energy of that, too.  Lower than my usual tuition rate of $15-hour, $100 for 10 weeks.

Join us for an adventure that never ends!  Phone 360 825-3413, email




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