Dreams and Tai Chi

Some people remember them and it’s said we all dream every night.  The common ones are just blowing off energy expended during the day and those are mostly and easily best forgotten.  That was not the kind I just had, one that stays with you because it is called a veridical dream–a message of truth regarding something significant in your life.

My master was helping me teach a class and polished what I was doing to give students more fine-grained aid in the movements of their arms, hands and fingers.  It brought them into more fluidity and lightness, with all of us becoming  happier in the movement sets–a major result.  So I’ll be intensifying my approach beginning tomorrow night, particularly in Brush Left Knee and Twist Step and Stepping Back to Drive Away the Monkey, parts of the dream.

If you want to increase your likelihood of veridical dreams in Tai Chi, think intently about any part of this great art in which you need help as you lay down to sleep and lay out your aspiration to receive it.  You may have to wait through some tries while you get used to this effort, until your body-heart-mind all start to click.

Any questions or problems or difficulties, I’ll help.  Not just for Tai Chi.

2 thoughts on “Dreams and Tai Chi

  1. I’m not sure why, but your post reminded me of the breathtaking beauty and wonder of being fully present in a single movement, as though it were for a moment the whole of the world. The practice of the Tai Chi form has mostly fallen out of my life these days. I wish I lived closer to you so I could take the beginning courses over again and reclaim those gentle movements.


  2. There may be a way for your wish, for Bellingham is in line with a trip I would take to my brother’s home on the southern border of Blaine, right up I-5. If I can move up the timing of my summer visit to late Spring or early Summer instead of the normal August trip, would that maybe suit you?
    I know we couldn’t do an entire beginning course, but it would be significant if I met with you both going and coming. Since you last studied with me, my general capacity and skill repertoire has grown and I feel our get-together would be fruitful. What do you say, Michael?
    Ooh, I thought I was replying to your comment of today but now I notice you wrote 5 days ago! I am sorry.


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