Fresh Way Learning Tai Chi

News of a blind choreographer who teaches students dancing by mainly using touch electrified me.  Once I experienced a great and vivid success teaching a woman born blind to do the entire Tai Chi Form.  Called the Short Solo Exercise Form, it has 257 moves pulsed into 64 sets of wonderful detail and variety including steps forward, backward, sideways, diagonals, low and medium and high kicks, spins partly and fully both heel and toe, punches straight, curved left and right and to the back, and power squats deep to the floor.

She was a fine teacher of her teacher, guiding and showing me how to guide her by touch, accurate pressure, sound and imaginative description.  The Queen Anne newspaper of her residential area in Seattle found her months after I was done for an interview including ample photos.  Reading, I was astonished to see she looked–in every instance of all their pictures–a fine Tai Chi player:  beautiful stances and positions possessing good weight distribution, body deportment right down to the nuances of hands with finger specifics, and the sublime, happy expression of someone who knew just what she was doing in a harmony of flow.

This electrifying day of mine is yes!  I’m going to try out extending my teaching with all you see-ers more into the guidance of touch, accurate pressure, sound and imaginative description.

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