Tuesday’s New York Times, September 11

I found it in that regular weekly section called Science Times, page 6 titled, “Tai Chi’s Gentle Path to Building Strength”.  Written by one of their very familiar and accomplished columnists, Jane E. Brody, this piece makes a valuable contribution to the field.  You can effortlessly find it by keying the title into a Google search while it cannot easily be summed in the condensed blog narrative I enjoy sharing here.

But there’s this.  Though quite widely known that Tai Chi is literally wonderful for relaxation, more rarely it’s said to be a strengthener.  As her title implies, Ms. Brody takes you into that planet of Tai Chi’s many moons.  Not just the more obvious legs; also the upper half even including the arms and hands out into fingers, extending the reach a little beyond her writing.

You see, that’s a major reason this art’s fame of increasing balance and preventing falls has come so far.  It takes strength to balance and smile, up erect!  We’ve all seen aged timidity on its feet and via Tai Chi the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, even 100’s are not an inevitable fence of frailty closing the way.  The way is great and beautiful.  Ho!


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