Posting schedule for Summer, Fall 2019–following accident recovery–on June 30th.  Hey, hey, it’ll turn out to be by this weekend following the 4th because of new additional material.

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    1. Well, Paul, due to more new opportunity than my “by June 30th” comment awareness, the details should be together and up by this weekend that includes the 4th. Thanks for your energizing comment.


  1. Dear Ron,
    All best wishes for & your recovery journey:
    May you enjoy a quiet , reflective mind, a supple, energy filled, body, an open, compassionate heart, a bright spirit and a deep sense of well-being.
    Namaste .


    1. Sheila, your very rich wishes and suggestions are happily received–thank you! The 30th of June date has slipped due to fortunate additional material that I’ll enjoy posting with the rest by the weekend of our 4th’s holiday


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